Have you ever considered submitting for a VPN service but you didn’t know which one to choose? It’s true, the market is filled with lots of Service and most of the offers seem to have the same features. So, how can you choose the best and the fastest VPN services that will also be a good fit for your requirements?

We performed an in-depth analysis of the most important VPN features, to help interested users in choosing the perfect VPN service for their needs.

5 Fastest VPN Service Provider 2016

RankProvidersPriceFeaturesSpeed TestDiscountWebsite
$8.32Per Month
  • 100+ Fastest servers
  • 78+ Countries
  • 2 Multi Logins
  • 30-Days Refund Guarantee!
  • Download
  • 35.12MB/s
  • upload
  • 18.25MB/s
  • Ping
  • $8.32ms
35% Discount Go Website
$4.16Per Month
  • 100+ Fastest servers
  • 140+ Countries
  • 5 Multi Logins
  • 7-Days Refund Guarantee!
  • Download
  • 25.33MB/s
  • upload
  • 14.52MB/s
  • Ping
  • $4.16ms
45% Discount Go Website
$3.33Per Month
  • Secure 3750+ Servers
  • 77+ Countries
  • 5 Multi Logins
  • 7-Days Refund Guarantee!
  • Download
  • 21.23MB/s
  • upload
  • 12.32MB/s
  • Ping
  • $3.33ms
10% Discount Go Website
$6.55Per Month
  • Fast 880+ Servers
  • 210+ Countries
  • NO Multi Logins
  • 30-Days Refund Guarantee!
  • Download
  • 18.54MB/s
  • upload
  • 10.41MB/s
  • Ping
  • $6.55ms
15% Discount Go Website
$6.49Per Month
  • Fastest 225+ servers
  • 60+ Countries
  • 2 Multi Logins
  • 7-Days Refund Guarantee!
  • Download
  • 19.51MB/s
  • upload
  • 11.14MB/s
  • Ping
  • $6.49ms
15% Discount Go Website

Select VPN By Your Needs!

Why you need the fastest VPN Service?

Speed has always been a problem with VPN services because,with VPNs, it is always slower than the one provided directly by the Internet Service Provider. The encryption process and the fact that the user must connect to a remote server are the main elements that lead to a slower internet connection when using a VPN.

Having a slow internet connection in our days can be extremely frustrating and unproductive. So, here are just a few reasons why you should consider the speed, before engaging with a specific VPN provider:

  • Access content that is blocked based on geographical location – most individual users implement a VPN solution just to access online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Pandora. If the connection is slow then the users experience will definitely be unsatisfying.
  • Protect your identity during online gaming – nothing can ruin your gaming like a slow internet connection.
  • Send confidential files to your business partners – slow internet connections don’t allow users to transfer large files or information and your communication can be compromised because of this.
  • P2P File sharing – many P2P networks are watched constantly by governmental agencies and this is why a VPN connection is very useful for when you want to download files using networks like Bittorrent or Utorrent.

How to Choose the Fastest & Anonymous VPN

The Internet connection speed is among the most important criteria to consider when choosing the best & Fastest VPN service, but there are others just as important. To make things clearer, we listed some of the most important features for a good and reliable & Fast VPN service.

Downloading Speed

As mentioned before, speed is important. Now, when it comes to online services, we have to consider two kinds of speed: the downloading speed and the uploading speed.

The download speed shows how fast your computer is pulling data from the Internet in order to display them to the user. Most of our online activities (e.g. loading web pages or using online streaming services) use the download process and this is why most connections are faster at download.

Uploading Speed

The upload speed shows how fast you can send data from your computer to others. This is important when you send big email attachments, upload files to a FTP server, or when you use video chat services to participate in conferences. Only fastest VPN service give best and reliable uploading speed.

The upload speed is always slower than the download speed, but you should consider services that offer over 15 Mb/s.

Ping Time

This value shows you how responsive the connection actually is. When you send a request (a ping), you can measure how long it takes to get a response. This value is important for applications where timing is very important, like online gaming.

The lower the ping time, the more responsive the connection is.

Server Locations

Any reliable VPN service will offer interested users a list with all their servers and their locations. This way, you will know if a VPN provider has the possibility to offer you access in the geographical areas you are interested in.

For example, if a user wants to access online streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, the VPN service should have servers on US territory. If a user wants to access BBC Entertainment, some servers should be located in UK and if the user runs businesses in China, the VPN services should have access in China.

Most popular providers are well-prepared when it comes to their servers’ location, but make sure all your requirements are met before selecting the one to engage with.


VPN services manage to hide users’ IP address and keep their data secure using a technique called tunneling. For this to be easily implemented, the system uses a range of protocols that help encapsulate the data and send them over the network.

Here are the most popular protocols used on VPN service available today:

  • PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) – a fast protocol that doesn’t require too much configuration. This protocol is great for when you’re trying to access online streaming services and you are not very concerned about security.
  • L2TP/IPSec (Layer Two Tunneling Protocol) – this protocol is included in most devices we use today and it is recommended when security is a concern.
  • OpenVPN – this is the most popular protocol for all reliable VPN solutions and offers fast, secure and reliable connections.

If you are interested in a Fastest VPN service capable to offer both security and complete anonymity, you must consider one that implements OpenVPN as the main protocol.

Payment method

Most VPN Services accept a wide range of payment methods starting with credit/debit cards, PayPal, and continuing with ATM deposits (for locals). Also, any reliable solution that promises users an increased level of security and complete online anonymity will accept BitCoins. This payment method is completely anonymous and no one can actually connect the dots between the payer and the VPN account.

If you are looking into VPN service in order to stay anonymous online and protect your identity from prying eyes, BitCoin is the safest payment method.

What you can do with the Fastest VPN Service?

After discussing the most important features a fastest VPN service should have, let’s see the things users can do with the best and the fastest VPN service.

Fastest Streaming

Online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu adjust their video quality automatically according to the user’s internet connection. So, if you are paying for an account with HD privileges but your VPN is not the fastest on the market, you won’t be able to enjoy your videos in HD quality.

Having the fastest VPN service will also pay off when all the videos will load smoothly and fast, instead of keeping you in “loading” forever.

Fastest & Anonymous Torrenting

Even though many governmental agencies tried to destroy them, torrents or P2P networks managed to survive. The VPN service is actually one of the reason they survived as users everywhere can access torrents anonymously.

If you are the kind of user who needs a VPN solution to access torrents and download files, you will have to look for a provider that offers the best combination between the following criteria:

  • No traffic logs that can be used to trace users back to their accounts
  • Fast download speed that allows for big files to be downloaded rapidly
  • Access to P2P networks

Fastest Gaming Experience

If you are using the VPN service to protect your identity during online gaming or to perform other real-time online activities, having the fastest solution will definitely make a difference. No frozen frames, no unsynchronized images, and no latency while you enjoy the latest version of your favorite MMORPG.

Remember: always choose the solution with the shortest ping time so you’ll always have the best online experience!

Fastest Unblocking

A good VPN solution will give you access to blocked content and will help you overcome unfair censorship. Countries like China or North Korea apply heavy censorship so, users who travel there or have business interests in these countries need a fast and reliable VPN solution to communicate with the outside world.

Also, accessing geographically blocked content with a VPN service that has numerous servers all over the worldis always a great experience. Because there are more servers, the risk of bottle necks and heavy loading time is diminished.

Fastest Browsing

Don’t you hate it when you type something in Google and you have to wait until the browser manages to communicate with the server? It’s outrageous that we have to face slow browsers in the era of new technologies and mobile devices!

With a fast VPN connection, you will enjoy faster online browsing. Pages will load faster and search results will be computed quicker.


VPN services are very popular amongst users who are concerned about their online security and online anonymity. Still, they offer us a plethora of extra services like access to geographically blocked or censored content, safe access to torrents, andincreased privacy during online gaming.

Also, VPN services manage to create a secure online environment for companies that have branches all over the world and help employees to increase their productivity by working from any location.

Given the fact that VPN services have so many applications in the online world, it’s extremely important to choose the right one. The most important features will be different from one user to another. For example, a company will always be more interested in security and fast connections while a gamer will want the best network response. The same applies for an individual user who needs the fastest VPN service to unblock services like Netflix and Hulu.

Regardless of the purpose, using our advice and the criteria described above, any type of user will manage to find the best VPN solution.