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Best VPN for Android – Setup VPN App for Android

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We can’t live without our phones and tablets today, reason? It allows us a freedom of using internet from anywhere anytime, instantly and quickly which accelerated and boomed the urge to use smartphones and tablets all around the world. Android is the most used Operating System when it comes to smartphones or tablets, more than a million users get a new Android device daily, wow! That huge number of users allured hackers, spammers and other cyber criminals as they are always vigilant to get their prey through the poor security barrier of all Android devices, yes you read it right, Android has the weakest security setting when it comes to online threats and hacking attempt which can serious hamper and mess up with your confidential and sensitive information and highly private data like your personal financial details, private chat history, personal pictures that you keep in your phone or tablet considering the safest place to keep, but unfortunately it is not, we have got what you are looking for and the reason you landed here, yes the most secure and fastest way to shield your Android device from the increasing threats in today’s internet world is to use the best VNP for Android, here we have brought you a list of top VPN apps for Android which you can select here and get the full security protocol by the best VPN for Android.

5 Best VPN For Android & Apps

RankProvidersPriceFeaturesSpeed TestDiscountWebsite
$8.32Per Month
  • 100+ Fastest servers
  • 78+ Countries
  • 2 Multi Logins
  • 30-Days Refund Guarantee!
  • Download
  • 35.12MB/s
  • upload
  • 18.25MB/s
  • Ping
  • $8.32ms
35% Discount Go Website
$4.16Per Month
  • 100+ Fastest servers
  • 140+ Countries
  • 5 Multi Logins
  • 7-Days Refund Guarantee!
  • Download
  • 25.33MB/s
  • upload
  • 14.52MB/s
  • Ping
  • $4.16ms
45% Discount Go Website
$3.33Per Month
  • Secure 3750+ Servers
  • 77+ Countries
  • 5 Multi Logins
  • 7-Days Refund Guarantee!
  • Download
  • 21.23MB/s
  • upload
  • 12.32MB/s
  • Ping
  • $3.33ms
10% Discount Go Website
$6.49Per Month
  • Fastest 225+ servers
  • 60+ Countries
  • 2 Multi Logins
  • 7-Days Refund Guarantee!
  • Download
  • 19.51MB/s
  • upload
  • 11.14MB/s
  • Ping
  • $6.49ms
15% Discount Go Website
$6.55Per Month
  • Fast 880+ Servers
  • 210+ Countries
  • NO Multi Logins
  • 30-Days Refund Guarantee!
  • Download
  • 18.54MB/s
  • upload
  • 10.41MB/s
  • Ping
  • $6.55ms
15% Discount Go Website

Android Threats-Be Secure Today use VPN App for Android

We never forget leaving home without our phones or tablets, either we are off for work or going out to hang out with friends, we always carry our phones or tablets, many of you would agree if we say that it would be a nightmare forgetting your phone at home, because all the things has been synchronized in our phones, contacts, social networking apps, e-mails, music, clock, camera, Google maps and navigation, flash light, and what not its unlimited. It would not be wrong if we say our smartphones with the internet service have become an integral part of our lives,but have you ever thought about security of your Android device while enjoying over internet via your phone or tablet? Yes you have thought and somehow aware about the risks involved in using the internet on Android phones and tablets, that is the reason you are here, let’s take a deeper insight of the core threats related to Android.

Threat of Cyber Criminals

Android has captured more than 50% shared of OS in the market, With this abundant use of Android devices due to its attractive features and affordable price, cyber criminals are also diverting towards Android and keep finding ways of using malicious apps and viruses and spams to get their dark and evil desire fulfilled. Only the best VPN for Android is the surety which never compromises on your security and enables you unbeatable security and privacy.

Weak Security Parameter in Android

Android is ranked the weakest and most vulnerable among all type of OS available for smartphones and tablets, its open source platform make it easy for hackers, spammers and other cyber criminals to be able to breach the security layer easily and mess with anyone’s sensitive and confidential information kept safe in their Android devices, if you don’t want this for your Android device, get the VPN app for Android today and secure and safe guard yourself from such a threat which not only can damage your Android device, but can also mess up with your all private and sensitive data, that belong s only to you.

Viruses and Malicious Apps in Android

There are hundreds and thousands of app available in the Google Play Store, not all of them are safe to download, but some Android users are totally unaware of this fact and download and install such apps without doing even a little research about the app and its reviews, keep yourself updated and alert about such malicious or spamming apps by using the best VPN for Android which protects your Android device and it is specially built VPN app for Android, which enhances and boosts the security of your android when you download any suspicious app, it immediately responds and alerts you about the vulnerability of the app and keep you secured and protected always.

Credibility of Android App Developers

The reason behind the huge rapid rate of increasing Android apps is that it is easy to develop and distributed unlike iOS, and most of the developers are not credible means they are not certified and untrusted. Normally Android users never pay so much attention on this little but extremely important point, and avoiding it can cause your Android device serious damages and make your highly sensitive data and information fragile and vulnerable if accessed by the ever prying eyes of hackers and spammers. The only possible way is to use the best VPN for Android and get rid of all such tensions and fears, live like an internet pro with VPN app for Android device freely from anywhere anytime.

Secure Android with the Best VPN for Android

As mentioned above these are the major threats faced by Android users all around the world and these threats is increasing with the same speed in which the demand for Android is increasing, so make sure you never lack any security protocol that could be essential for your Android. We here have recommended the Best VPN for Android by our tech-experts, the VPN app for Android protects your online security and minimizes any risk of cyber threat or hacking attempts which could be hazardous for your Android device as well as for the privacy concern of your data.

VPN Apps for Android – Choice of Smart Users

After many incidents of Android security breach by hackers and privacy invasion by the surveillance agencies Android users all around the world are in great doubt about the security of their Android devices, and question if they ever be able to free their minds from these threats and risks and not thinking about someone seeing their online activities while browsing internet on Android devices. All these queries and doubts has one answer and that is the best VPN for Android , all the smart Android users from all around the world will prefer to safeguard their security while using their Android devices and they know what to do, so be smart and select the best VPN for Android that we have enlisted for you here, VPN apps for Android not only gives you security and privacy protection, but only enables access to the region-blocked content that is available in the Google Play Store of different countries. So don’t think too much, make your choice and be a secure and protected Android user and choose the best VPN for Android now. Here to guide you on how to setup a VPN On android to remove any ambiguity from your mind.

How to Setup a VPN on Android – Steps to get the Best VPN for Android

Remember always prefer Google search engine to look up for a VPN service for Android, never install any VPN app that sounds attractive and free might be malicious and spyware that can hit your device and mess up with your security barriers. Following are the simple 4 steps method to setup a VPN on your Android device.

STEP 1-–Go to the ‘Settings’ option of your Android device. Tap on ‘More’ under ‘Wireless and Networking’ section.

STEP 2—It will be a ‘VPN’ option there. Tap on it to create new VPN profile. Tap on ‘+’ sign on right upper corner to add new VPN profile.

STEP 3—You will now see ‘Edit VPN Profile’ option. You can now input any ‘Name’, Connection ‘Type’ and ‘Server Address’ here. Server address will be provided by your VPN service provider. You can select from six protocol type, embedded by default in your Android OS. When you are finished tap ‘Save’ to continue.

  • PPTP
  • L2TP/IPSec PSK
  • L2TP/IPSec RSA
  • IPSecXauth PSK
  • IPSecXauth RSA
  • IPSec Hybrid RSA

STEP 4—Now, you will see your new VPN profile in the list. Tap on it to enter user credentials. Enter ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’ given by your VPN service provider & tap on ‘Connect’. Congratulations, you are now running your Android device with high-end security and maximum protection shield of the best VPN for Android. ENJOY SAFELY!

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