Best VPN for China 2016 – Dodge the Great Firewall of China

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China is so concerned and rigid about their cultural values and ideology and don’t want to lose its heritage, culture and history in the flow of modernization like most cultures suffer, so in today’s world of technology they control it through strict restrictions and censorship polices on their internet, there is no ‘’Internet Freedom’’ in China, the government controls the entire internet by the most superlative mechanism of censorship so far that is ‘’Golden Shield’’ commonly known as ‘Great Firewall of China.’  All popular social networking websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. are banned in China and inaccessible due to this superlative censorship mechanism of Great Firewall which blocks all the restricted content most the websites including aforementioned social networking platforms are inaccessible in Chinaand they compel their citizens to use Chinese version of these social networks that are Renren, YouKu, SinaWeibo all content in strictly monitored in China under the censorship law of Golden Shield which literally blocks everything in China, but still if you have a business purpose or for any other inevitable reason you are planning to move to China, then it could be a really vexatious situation for you to not be able to access anything you like on internet, and sitting like a prison in jail with no option to browse at all, but the super hero to help you survive this situation is here, and that is the best VPN for China that we have selected for you here which are absolute solution for bypassing the Great Firewall of China, the China VPN provides you complete security and anonymity and gives you access to enjoy your favorite social networks and all other content you want to access, so avoid the Firewall and get over it by selecting a China VPN for you.

5 Best VPN For China List

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  • 78+ Countries
  • 2 Multi Logins
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  • 140+ Countries
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  • 25.33MB/s
  • upload
  • 14.52MB/s
  • Ping
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$3.33Per Month
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  • 77+ Countries
  • 5 Multi Logins
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  • Download
  • 21.23MB/s
  • upload
  • 12.32MB/s
  • Ping
  • $3.33ms
10% Discount Go Website
$6.49Per Month
  • Fastest 225+ servers
  • 60+ Countries
  • 2 Multi Logins
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  • Download
  • 19.51MB/s
  • upload
  • 11.14MB/s
  • Ping
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15% Discount Go Website
$6.55Per Month
  • Fast 880+ Servers
  • 210+ Countries
  • NO Multi Logins
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  • 10.41MB/s
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15% Discount Go Website

Why You Need a China VPN?

The superlative censorship mechanism in China, ‘The Great Firewall of China’ restricts any possible danger to the government, people of state authorities on China. It reads all the online information like IP, URL and the content of the page every time any client try to access any website in China, and if it against its censorship policy it blocks it. The best way to dodge the Great Firewall of China is to a China VPN service that we have recommended for you here, our China VPN service has servers in China which will provide you completely secure access to all you favorite websites from China by encrypting all your data and redirecting your internet connection safely through a tunnel enabling you to access all the blocked content and websites. We have selected here completely secure and safe China VPN services so to help all the businesses, tourists, visitors and even Chinese citizen get the freedom of internet, which is their right to access. Chinese government has recently launched a program named ‘Social Credit System’ in which ‘Citizen Score’ will be awarded to all 1.3 billion Chinese population. This score will be awarded on the basis of different categories like financial record, academics, criminal record and online behavior of citizens which would be considered for the eligibility criteria when any citizen would be applying for bank loans, getting admission in educational institutes, applying for jobs etc. is seems that by these motivational approach to keep their citizen restricted from internet so as to get the social benefits is leading towards upcomingrestrictions over internet in the future which will impact the freedom of Chinese citizens to avail anything like free internet would be completely vanished, the only secure way to avoid and doge such strict monitoring of the Great Firewall of China is to use the best VPN in China.

Benefits of using the Best VPN for China

The vexatious situation of not be able to access your favorite social networking website or your favorite streaming channel like Netflix, Hulu ,Hulu Plus, Amazon etc. can only be avoided if you have a China VPN, there are many more benefits of using a China VPN service let’s discover them briefly below;

  1. Unblock Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc. by a China VPN

Majority of the most popular and top social networking websites are blocked by the Great Firewall of China, Chinese government blocks most of the foreign content so as to protect their servers from any cyber war and threats this way they manage to be safe from any hacking attempts from the international world, but the drawback is no freedom of internet at all, a China VPN will enable you to access all you beloved and most cherished social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. by altering your IP into any other country’s IP where these services are not blocked so you get the complete access to enjoy these websites with securely encrypted data transferring system that these China VPN services have to provide you access to any thing available on internet and to make you able to use uncensored internet with all your free will.

  1. Unblock Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, Amazon BBC iPlayer etc. by a China VPN

Many of us are fan of online movie streaming on our laptops, PCs, Smartphones and Tablets etc. hence online streaming websites for movies, videos, songs,TV shows are a great way to refuel the entertainment bar on a lazy weekend night, but like many countries China has banned all popular online streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, Amazon etc. which can totally spoil your mood for a late night weekend movie, but wait did you forget about the best VPN for China we talked earlier about? Yes by using a China VPN you will be able to access all your beloved online streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, Amazon etc. at super-fast speed and with complete security and privacy protection.

  1. Enhanced Security & Anonymity by a China VPN

A China VPN is a sophisticated technology which smartly secures all your online information, like your IP your location etc. with high-end security and encryption protocols that makes it the most secure way to access internet in China and dodging the superlative censorship of the Great Firewall of China.

How a China VPN works?

A Virtual Private Network(VPN) conceals you original online identity that is your IP by altering it into any other country’s IP as per you requirement to access the content, but breaking Great Firewall of China is really a hard nut to crack and need specialized VPN services to enable users to bypass the security barriers of Great Firewall of China, the best VPN for China that we have selected for you here has the ability to provide you access to all the wished-for content by providing you an IP address of a country other than China, and the security barrier of Chinese firewall is applicable only for the Chinese IP, hence when it reads your IP is not from China, it will grant you the access to your desired content from anywhere in the world With complete anonymity and security.

How to Select a China VPN Service?

When you are hunting for a China VPN services you must consider some points in your mind to look for before opting for any China VPN service, some core features we have pointed out below;

  1. VPN must be optimized for China

There are hundreds of options available when you look for China VPN, some may not fulfill completely what they usually claim about getting access to the Great Firewall of China, a lot of VPN services are blacklisted due to their fake claims and inability to bypass the Great Firewall of China. Our list of best VPN for China is optimized for China and will grant you easy access by unblocking the restrictions built by the Great Firewall of China.

  1. Must provide you a Static and Dynamic IP address

Many China VPN services do not have the mechanism to provide you access by breaching the security barriers of the Great Firewall of China, because the IP they provide is vague, The best VPN for China we have recommended to you here provides you a static and dynamic IP that is sustainable over many servers specialized to break the barriers of Great Firewall of China and provide you smooth access to you desired content and websites.

  1. Its Server must be near to China

To attain the best fastest and uninterrupted connection on a VPN service it must has a server located near to China, our top China VPN services here has many servers in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. that are nearest location from China which makes their connection speed the fastest and enhance the service performance.

  1. VPN Protocols Used

Always look for the protocols a China VPN used for the connection before purchasinga China VPN service. The best VPN for China must be compatible at least with SSTP and L2TP so that you can choose the protocol type according to you requirement of content like speed in immensely required for streaming so a L2TP would be best in case you need fast speed in China VPN but less secure than SSTP which is highly secure behind firewall like the Great Firewall of China, so make sure to pick wisely to avoid any later disappointments and waste of time and money, we have already selected the China VPN services that have these protocols mentioned above to use for China.


The Great Firewall of China is surely a high censorship mechanism, but our specialized VPN services we have selected for you here are the best way to dodge the security barrier of it and get access to all your favorite content from all around the world with high security and protection. So no disappointments when in China from now on make your pick from the table above and start using the best VPN for China today.


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