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Best VPN For US Netflix To Access From Anywehre

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Signing up in Netflix requires additional work if we are outside US. Currently Netflix is available to customers located in US only. They will check our IP to verify the location and restrict our access. We have to hide our real location before getting into it. After some research and price comparison, I found ExpressVPN! VPN (Yes, it is Best VPN Service Provider For Netflix 2015). I bought a 12 month package for around $8.32 per month.

5 Best & Fastest VPN Services 2015

RankProvidersPriceFeaturesSpeed TestDiscountWebsite
$8.32Per Month
  • 100+ Fastest servers
  • 78+ Countries
  • 2 Multi Logins
  • 30-Days Refund Guarantee!
  • Download
  • 35.12MB/s
  • upload
  • 18.25MB/s
  • Ping
  • $8.32ms
35% Discount Go Website
$6.49Per Month
  • Fastest 225+ servers
  • 60+ Countries
  • 2 Multi Logins
  • 7-Days Refund Guarantee!
  • Download
  • 19.51MB/s
  • upload
  • 11.14MB/s
  • Ping
  • $6.49ms
15% Discount Go Website
$4.16Per Month
  • 100+ Fastest servers
  • 140+ Countries
  • 5 Multi Logins
  • 7-Days Refund Guarantee!
  • Download
  • 25.33MB/s
  • upload
  • 14.52MB/s
  • Ping
  • $4.16ms
45% Discount Go Website
$3.33Per Month
  • Secure 3750+ Servers
  • 77+ Countries
  • 5 Multi Logins
  • 7-Days Refund Guarantee!
  • Download
  • 21.23MB/s
  • upload
  • 12.32MB/s
  • Ping
  • $3.33ms
10% Discount Go Website
$6.55Per Month
  • Fast 880+ Servers
  • 210+ Countries
  • NO Multi Logins
  • 30-Days Refund Guarantee!
  • Download
  • 18.54MB/s
  • upload
  • 10.41MB/s
  • Ping
  • $6.55ms
15% Discount Go Website

How To Access US Netflix From Other Regions

Netflix has enormous online movies and shows library that you could ever have in your whole life. Netflix is US Based online streaming movies & Shows portal which has more than 3 million active subscribers. Netflix promised their customers that “don’t miss single movie or show ever!” yes that’s true.

Access US Netflix With Best & Fastest VPN Service

If you are US citizen then you probably never have any issue accessing Netflix, but unfortunately if you are outside of US you might not have access entire Netflix or your favorite library. By geographical restriction on Netflix you cannot access US Netflix from America, South America & some places of Europe. If you’re living in UK or Canada then you would have different Netflix Catalogue then US.

Access US Netflix from anywhere you want:

Yes, you can enjoy your favorite movies & shows from any where you want by using Fastest VPN for Netflix. By using VPN service you can easily unblock US Netflix or access US Netflix library from anywhere you want. VPN service will change your identity and location from real to selected location, which will trick Netflix to give access and unblock US content.

There are thousands of VPN service in the market but only choose the best and fastest one, which will never break connection while steaming Netflix. 90% VPN service will reduce your usual internet speed and slow down your PC little bit also, so you need to spend little time to test VPN service before get one. Check your VPN service through downloading speed, uploading speed and ping time.

5 Fastest VPN List For Accessing US Netflix For Anywhere

#1 ExpressVPN For Netflix


  • Apps for android and iOs
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Encryption (SSL Secured)


  • No Free Trail

ExpressVPN are another company that has servers in an impressively large number of countries. The most people using ExpressVPN for Unblock US Netflix.

When reviewing ExpressVPN we found they provided a good service, but where again mainly let down by the fact that although a US company and therefore not required to keep logs, they do so anyway. They could therefore by US law be required to hand them over, which is not an ideal situation in our view.

ExpressVPN is the fastest and most secure VPN service provider in the whole VPN industry. ExpressVPN offers 2 Simultaneous Connections with 256-Encryption, they also offered 24/7 customer support. They have server more then 70+ courtiers and 90+ cites.

ExpressVPN are highly recommended by their users for accessing US Netflix from anywhere, although the numbers of features they offer are a bit slim. And for the price, that’s not great, as they are not cheap either. However, they have some nice tutorials about using them on iPhones, so just follow those to set it up.

Get 35% Discount On ExpressVPN

Best VPN For Netflix

Every VPN service allows you to access Netflix USA in geo-restricted locations such as Australia and all of them give you security by hiding your identity and IP and ensuring anonymity. However not all of them are suitable for Netflix fans. So if you are a Netflix fan and wondering how to watch Netflix in Australia using a Netflix app then you need to select the right Netflix VPN.
It is extremely important to choose such a VPN that is not only a fast VPN but also has characteristics that give you error free and waiting free Netflix streaming experience.

How to watch Netflix USA in Australia

The Netflix USA fever in Australia is rising because of the ever rising number of Australian fans of Netflix USA. Unfortunately geo-limitations put in by the company have disappointed millions of fans. But luckily fast and secure VPN services are there to help us all.
But even though using a VPN doesn’t give you your desired Netflix experience because when you try to stream long lagging and different buffering issues drive you crazy. The most common issue in streaming is the speed and when you access Netflix through a VPN it becomes a major problem. This is why we have created a list of dedicated and fast VPN services that actually works fastest for Netflix streaming and for Netflix fans of course! Choose one of the fastest VPN for Netflix to enjoy best streaming experience.

What is Netflix

Netflix has emerged as the most popular on-demand-video-streaming service since its inception. Millions of users across the world in over 58 countries enjoy their Netflix apps to watch latest movies and TV shows whenever they want! This is pretty cool isn’t it.
You could have the same Netflix experience without worrying about speed, security, lagging, and buffering by using any one of the fastest Netflix VPN. Even if you are residing in a geo-restricted region or if you are temporarily in such a reason due to vacations or on a official visit and you are crazy about your favourite TV show for example ‘The Office’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘House of Cards’, ‘Orange is the New Black’, or ‘Mad Men’ then we have gathered for you most suitable VPN services to enjoy Netflix.

How to watch Netflix on Apple TV Outside US | VPN for Netflix

The new Apple TV come with Netflix pre-installed. However, the service is blocked for customers outside the US. VPN for Netflix is a solution to bypass the limitation but currently Apple TV does not support VPN setting. There is some other solution like building a customized router with StrongVPN enabled, so you can get the Apple TV passing all traffic through a VPN-enabled router.

What if you want some simpler solution other than VPN for Netflix?

Having done some research, I come across an alternative solution to VPN for Netflix when using with Apple TV. Unblock us is a very simple solution which requires little setting effort on your Apple TV. And you can use the same setting for Hulu, Facebook or other blocked websites. It is not an universal service like VPN for Netflix that you can access almost every blocked website. For a complete list of website supported, checkout their website. It is very cool service for $5 per month.

How to watch Netflix on iPad Outside US | VPN for Netflix

Recently I am trying to figure out how to watch Netflix on my iPad. I heard a lot of good thing about Netflix for its flat monthly fee and able to watch unlimited movie as long as you have plenty of spare time. The movie titles are not latest compared with Apple Movie Rental. But for a cheap monthly, it is really a good deal.

How to signup Netflix Outside US?

Signing up in Netflix requires additional work if we are outside US. Currently Netflix is available to customers located in US only. They will check our IP to verify the location and restrict our access. We have to hide our real location before getting into it. After some research and price comparison, I found Hide My Ass! VPN (Yes, it is really a funny name). I bought a 6 month package for around $8 per month.

Setting up VPN for Netflix on iPad

Setting VPN for Netflix on iPad is straight forward. Go to Settings > General > Network > VPN, enter the information got from Hide My Ass! VPN. Choose PPTP as the protocol. Fill in server ip, user name and password. All done.


Download Netflix App for iPad

Netflix App for iPad is only available in US iTunes Store. I have opened my US iTunes Store account with my debit card from US Bank. If you do not have any credit/debit issued from US, you may consider buying a giftcard and redeem it.

Hope you find the information VPN for Netflix useful.

Why you need VPN for Netflix Access

An ideal VPN for Netflix not only gives you access in geo-restricted regions, but also gives you speed and security and works on all or any of the operating system in your personal devices for example windows, Android, etc. A VPN allows you to skip geo-restrictions in regions such as Australia and enable you stream videos available there.

What make our Netflix VPN list fastest!

In search of best VPN for Netflix we tested numerous VPN services focusing on various characteristics of VPN services which not only affect VPN speed but also performance of you PC. In this way your overall Netflix experience is heavily dependent on the VPN service that you subscribe.

While searching for fastest Netflix VPN we considered following important factors

  • The ping time (the lower the ping the faster the service)
  • Security (do not waste your time and energy in comparing security protocols they do not affect Netflix streaming)
  • Download and upload speed (the higher the speed the smoother Netflix streaming)
  • Price of subscription (including free trail periods and post trial charges)
  • Geo-restrictions on Netflix
  • Ideal speed for smoothest Netflix streaming

Considering all the factors above we identified fastest VPN for Netflix for all those fans that are facing speed problems in geo-restricted location when they use VPN service to access Netflix USA. Choose any one of the aforementioned services to enjoy Netflix streaming as if you were located in USA.

Is there any Alternate?

Of course there are alternate to VPN services. Technology is all about changes and alternates that come from innovative minds. The underlying problem is the go-restrictions which you by identifying location of your IP. You can very well change your IP location by other services such as IP spoofing. However, they are even slower than VPN for Netflix

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    Thanks for explaining things more clearly, what if i don’t have an account of Netflix US and now i wan it from Canada! will VPN works from signup new account as well?

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    I am living in Canada and bought ExpressVPN which is working awesome with me 🙂

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