Best VPN for Australia 2016 – Goodbye to the Privacy Invaders

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It was the time before 2015, when Australian were enjoying no restrictions on their internet and using a censor free internet service throughout the region, but on 14 October 2015, the data retention law has been approved by the Australian government and according to that all ISPs and telecommunication companies prevailing in Australian region have to keep record of users metadata for two years. Due to this meddlesome laws the Australian were very eagerly googling the ways to avoid such vexatious situation where they are being digitally captivated and internet freedom is lost somewhere in the name of national security issues. All the smart internet users in Australia use an Australian VPN to protect themselves from the current privacy invasion laws, to help and facilitate Australian internet users we have enlisted here some top Australian VPN services, which provides you complete anonymity while surfing the internet and make you absolutely untraceable.

5 Best VPN For Australia:

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$8.32Per Month
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  • 78+ Countries
  • 2 Multi Logins
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  • Download
  • 35.12MB/s
  • upload
  • 18.25MB/s
  • Ping
  • $8.32ms
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$4.16Per Month
  • 100+ Fastest servers
  • 140+ Countries
  • 5 Multi Logins
  • 7-Days Refund Guarantee!
  • Download
  • 25.33MB/s
  • upload
  • 14.52MB/s
  • Ping
  • $4.16ms
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$3.33Per Month
  • Secure 3750+ Servers
  • 77+ Countries
  • 5 Multi Logins
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  • Download
  • 21.23MB/s
  • upload
  • 12.32MB/s
  • Ping
  • $3.33ms
10% Discount Go Website
$6.49Per Month
  • Fastest 225+ servers
  • 60+ Countries
  • 2 Multi Logins
  • 7-Days Refund Guarantee!
  • Download
  • 19.51MB/s
  • upload
  • 11.14MB/s
  • Ping
  • $6.49ms
15% Discount Go Website
$6.55Per Month
  • Fast 880+ Servers
  • 210+ Countries
  • NO Multi Logins
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  • Download
  • 18.54MB/s
  • upload
  • 10.41MB/s
  • Ping
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Need to use the Best VPN Australia

After a recent wave of restrictions on Australian internet, when the government has implemented intrusive and overextended laws, you might feel that you have no option but to follow the political demands of law enforcement agencies, but in reality if you are so a concerned about your privacy you can pick any of the best VPN Australia enlisted here, and go back to the freedom of Australian internet phase when no data retention laws were there and enjoy your internet surfing absolutely privately without any logs and records of your internet activities. There are many reasons and benefits of using an Australian VPN, some of the core benefits are discussed below with detail so to make your mind clear about any ambiguity related to a VPN service.

Benefits of using the Best VPN Australia

Privacy is not the only concern of Australian internet users and not the only reason to choose VPN service as their savior, but Aussies are smacked by the Australian Communication and Media Authority Act (ACMA) due to that more than 500 websites were blocked, these websites were the most famous in Australia for their download content library, online streaming, videos, songs, movies etc. this created a huge panic among Aussies and triggers a huge urge to use an Australian VPN service so to get back to their favorite websites and enjoy internet the same way they were used to of. The core benefits you will get using the best VPN Australia are further elaborated below for your understanding of an Australian VPN service.

  1. Evade Censorship Laws by the Best VPN Australia

After the implementation of the Australian Communication and Media Authority Act (ACMA) which also includes some clauses of ‘Internet Censorship Filtering’ called ‘Refused Classification’ (RC) which was first proposed in 2008 but was not drafted that time, but later with the current implementation of ACMA it expands the banns on many websites which were most popular among Aussies and its matter of concern for all internet surfers and download and streaming addicts. The best VPN Australia provides you completely secure and safe access to all the blocked websites with faster speed and full privacy and anonymity.

  1. Dodge Geo-restrictions by the Best VPN Australia

If you are an Aussie and you love a lot of foreign content like from US, UK, Canada and just can’t imagine missing them, then you must be very annoyed after the Geo-restrictions on the foreign websites content just because you are living in Australia means you are not eligible to access your favorite content this is not right, internet is a broader medium, free to access anything from anywhere that what it is for, how can they block users from any particular region from accessing content they like from other regions it is just not done, we firmly believe on the freedom of internet and has brought the perfect solution to dodge the Geo-restrictions and that is the best VPN Australia, which enables you to access all your favorite content from anywhere in the world with high-end security and privacy protection.

  1. Avoid Threat of Cybercrimes, use an Australian VPN

In the recent report by World Bank 5 million Australians have lost 1.06 billion dollars due to cyber threats and fraudulent acts in the previous year, which is about quarter of the 22 million population of Australia which shows that Australians are under grave threat of cybercrimes and these evils have grown so strong in the Australian networks causing so much monetary loss to the internet users which is a serious matter of concern and constantly increasing threat for every Australian internet user. Our best VPN Australia that we have enlisted here for your help provides you ultimate security on internet and absolute anonymity to remove any risk of cyber threat like hacking or spamming attempts. It prevent your online identity from these prying evil eyes by concealing your IP address with some fake IP address, due to that any possible hacking or spamming attempt would result in a complete failure and they will get nothing but trash.

  1. Get rid of Data Retention laws by the Best VPN Australia

After the recent ’Data Retention laws’ in Australia It is now in the list of those countries who are keeping logs of the users’ activity on internet and phone in the name to avoid any illegal activities over internet, but actually these laws have killed the concept of individual privacy protection and the government is getting hard-hearted towards a;; privacy concerns and issues raised by Aussies so far, because it is not appreciated by the Australian citizens to be under unreasonable eyes of monitoring and data recording, every activity is under observation as if they have any criminal record or so. To avoid this annoying situation all smart internet users all around Australia have been switching to an Australia VPN service, we also have recommended you here the best VPN Australia which provides you absolute anonymity and complete privacy by encrypting your data flow through a secure tunnel, by which no one is able to track your online activity or to see your original IP address, it is the safest and most secure way to safeguard your privacy while enjoying the internet as usual without the fear or any privacy invasion.

  1. Access Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, BBC iPlayer etc. with the Best VPN Australia

Do you want to access Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, BBC iPlayer etc. while sitting in Australia? You can’t do it without an Australian VPN service, the best VPN Australia allows you to access all your favorite websites mentioned above absolutely securely and with a faster speed and access to the huge US library of movies, songs, videos, TV shows etc. by just choosing US server from our Australian VPN services, and get access to unlimited streaming options of all your favorite content without any hassle.

  1. Access to Torrenting Websites with the Best VPN Australia

When the censorship laws hit the shore of Australia the great setback was to all the Torrenting and P2P file sharing websites and their users, as these were the prime target of the censorship laws because they are eating up the share of Media giants by messing up with their profits and providing users millions of free content, and these pro-copyrights Media giants were begging Australian government for the ban of all such Torrenting and P2P file sharing websites for years as they were the great threat for them and major cause of piracy as claimed by these Media giants. The Best VPN Australia is selected for you to bypass all such restrictions and bans on these websites and it allows accessing all Torrenting websites and enjoying downloading and uploading whatever you are looking for by a completely safe and secure method.

How to Select the Best VPN Australia?

There are hundreds of VPN providers in the market, some free some cheap that claims a lot before you purchase them, but the reality might be a nightmare when even after paying a lot of money and spending your precious time these are not satisfying your need as per their claims. Our goal is provide honest and genuine VPN services for your help and to save you from the hassle of perplexed search process for the best VPN service, keeping in mind all the points we have selected some of the top VPN services for Australia that we have enlisted above, the features you must look for in a good and reliable VPN services for Australia are listed below for your help;

  1. Encryption and Protocols offered

You must look for the VPN protocols it offers to you to safeguard and get high-end security you must select a VPN with high security protocol such as PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN, these protocols are a must in any VPN service for Australia to protect yourself from the threats mentioned above, however if you are highly concerned and want to keep not a dot of doubt you can look for the most secure encryption and security protocol that is SSTP, which will give you additional boost in your security parameter from the government surveillance and data retentions laws and keep you free from all the threats mentioned above.

  1. Price

The price and packages plans that our best VPN Australia has offered you ranges from $3 to $8 as per your requirement and budget you can select any VPN with the most suitable pricing plan for you and yes here you can also look for the occasional offers our VPN services has to offer that will give you additional monetary benefit.

  1. Number of Active Servers

The number of active servers is very important feature when choosing a VPN service for yourself, the more the active servers in various regions the more better the performance of your VPN as per your requirement and virtual travel on internet. Our selected best VPN Australia has many active servers in all the major regions of the world like US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, China, Middle East etc.

  1. Customer Support Response

If you have any issues using your VPN the customer support staff must be very patient and polite and active to solve your issue then and there as you don’t want to sit with your issues for days, the best VPN Australia enlisted in the table above have a customer support department with 24/7 response time and very polite and vigilant staff with online chat options available to solve your queries and issues then and there in minutes.


Australia after the major data retention bill, has become the hub for the VPN users to evade all restriction, censorship laws, bans and blocks on their beloved websites, secure yourself from cyber threats and risks and to feel safe after the government surveillance program that is totally ripping apart the privacy barrier of all Australian internet users, so select an Australian VPN service today and get back to your internet surfing freely and fearlessly with full security and privacy protection with the best VPN Australia.

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